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Our Story Comes
from our experiences.

Our doctors have battled injuries personally and know what your dealing with. 

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One of the only facilities in the state of Missouri certified in Integrative Diagnosis™.

We know injuries. We know pain. We know about precision. 

Our doctors have helped thousands of patients overcome long-term nagging injuries and discomfort. We know whereto begin because we’ve had and treated issues personally and with our patients. This is a process.  

This is your body. This is precision health group.  You won’t find a more committed team to helping. 

Why and How our Case Fees Work

We constantly strive for improvement in patient outcomes. Our treatment is very unique and requires assessment (our comprehensive exam) and evaluation. Although we yield an extremely high success rate, we still analyze previous unsuccessful cases to determine how to improve. We’ve found that the number one reason for an unsuccessful case is due to patients who stop coming for treatment before their condition is stable.

We typically see three reasons why a patient will choose to self-discharge:

  1. Their symptoms are 70-80% better and they don’t feel that they need continual treatment. However, the condition ends up returning within 6-12 months and can end up being as bad or worse than before.

  2. The lack of understanding and transparency of the cost associated with what it will take to improve their health. Our fee model was created to help with uncertainty within finances. With an up-front assessment, we’ll be able to be clear and concise about your symptoms and what it will take to fix it.

  3. The overall lack of understanding that fixing an injury is a process in itself. The most successful way to regain your health is continual maintenance and precision.

We’ve developed a solution to combat all of these issues and to ensure new patient cases are set-up for success from the start.

Our New Care Plan

  • Helps eliminate the worry and concern that your condition will get worse.

  • Slows and prevents degeneration from progressing.

  • Ensures your long term health and maximizes your benefit from treatment.

  • Prevents costly exacerbations of your condition due to lack of stability and health.

Comprehensive Exam Fee: $250

Depending on the level of complexity and chronicity of the case, case fees can be $1800 - $4200. 



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